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Meet "TAJ" 

Certified Hospitality Educator | College and Career Advisor | Nonprofit Leader | Educator | Entrepreneur | Author

Tajala Battle-Lockhart is a dynamic and accomplished professional with a remarkable career that spans education, non-profit leadership, entrepreneurship, and literary contributions. As the College and Career Advisor at Charles County Public Schools, Tajala empowers students to achieve their academic and professional goals.

Tajala's extensive background includes her role as the Director of Program & Education at the Restaurant Association of Maryland and her dedicated service as a Governing Board Member for the Charles County Board of Education from 2018 to 2022. She also imparts her knowledge as an Adjunct Professor at Prince George's Community College.


In addition to her roles in education and non-profit leadership, Tajala is the CEO of TAJ Consulting & Events and the visionary founder of Phenomenal Young Women, INC. Her outstanding contributions to these fields have earned her numerous prestigious awards and accolades.

Her impact and expertise have led to recognition as a "Southern Maryland Women to Watch" and a "Nonprofit Star." Tajala has also been featured in influential publications, making her a highly respected figure in the industry.

As a speaker, Tajala can engage and inspire audiences on various topics, making her a sought-after speaker at conferences, workshops, and events. Her remarkable journey and dynamic speaking style make her an ideal choice for those seeking to be informed, inspired, and motivated.

Certified Hospitality Educator AHLEI

Certified T.I.P.S Trainer/Proctor

Certified ServSafe Instructor/Proctor NRA

Certified Customer Service Trainer/Proctor NRF

Certified Guest Service Gold Instructor AHLEI

Certified Healthcare Hospitality Specialist, HH

Certified Wedding Consultant, ACPWC

Awards & Recognition

My Sister's Keeper Award 2019

ACHI Nonprofit Executive of the Year 2019

Nominated ACHI Women of Achievement 2019

Honoree 16 Faces of Influence 2019

Entrepreneur of the Year Nonprofit 2019

Women In Business International Award 2020

Women of Virtue Walking in Excellence Award 2020

Nonprofit Star by National Nonprofit Minority Association 2020

 Recognized as Southern Maryland Women to Watch 2021



At TAJ Consulting & Events, our mission is to empower our clients to not only thrive but to sustain and expand their careers and businesses. We believe that by investing in their success, we can encourage consumers and stakeholders to become active participants in our shared journey toward progress. We aspire to be recognized as one of the top consultants contributing to the growth and development of our communities and workforce.

Our vision is to create lasting, memorable experiences through our unwavering spirit to serve and sustain. We aim to be a driving force behind positive change and progress, leaving a legacy of empowerment and excellence in everything we do.


Join us in embracing the spirit and passion of hospitality, and together, let's deliver remarkable experiences that leave a lasting impression and build the path to success.

Tajala Battle-Lockhart, CHE

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