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Consulting Services & Training

  • Creative Solutions Consultation (30minutes)
  • Creative Solutions Session (1 hour)
  • Nonprofit Readiness Session (1 hour)
  • So You Think You What To Start A Nonprofit Workshop 
  • Career & Workforce Development
  • Resume Writing
  • Career Placement
  • Community Connections 
  • Event Planning & Management
  • Business Consulting
  • Speaking Request

Certified Guest/Customer Service Professional Training

Is a comprehensive program designed to accomplish the goal of creating guest service-oriented employees who know how to engage with their guests in order to provide memorable guest service.

Certified Healthcare Hospitality Training

Is designed for all healthcare personnel from clinical to business associates. Whether you are dealing directly or indirectly with patients and visitors or interacting with staff and personnel within your facility, quality interactions can positively contribute to patient and visitor satisfaction with your facility as well as create a positive and productive working environment.

Training for Intervention ProcedureS (T.I.P.S)

Is designed to teach participants to prevent intoxication, drunk driving and underage drinking among the people to whom they sell or serve alcohol.

Certified ServSafe Food Handlers Training

The ServSafe Food Handler Program is a complete solution that delivers consistent food safety training to employees. The program covers five key areas: Basic Food Safety, Personal Hygiene, Cross-contamination & Allergens, Time & Temperature, Cleaning & Sanitation.

Certified ServSafe Managers Training

The industry’s leading food safety and training and certification program and is a key ingredient to help food service operations keep their customers and employees safe. ServSafe training also helps you understand and identify all the food safety risks in an operation and provides you with knowledge to do your job.

Skills, Tasks, and Results Training (START)

Teaches the foundation of lodging operations while promoting the long-term career pathways available to students and promotes professionalism, confidence and positive work ethics.

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