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ServSafe Online Training

ServSafe Online Training

eTraining for Intervention ProcedureS (eT.I.P.S) Alcohol Awareness
eTraining is available to All States except for Maryland and Delaware

Please use links below for your T.I.P.S training needs and recertification.

(Price of $40 each)

ON PREMISE:  http://getti.ps/1r5AXwA

For restaurant, bar, hotel, in-store tastings, nightclub, or movie theater

OFF PREMISE:  http://getti.ps/1r5CYZL

For grocery store, convenience store, or package liquor store

GAMING:  http://getti.ps/1r5CoeK

For stadium, festival, arena, or civic center

CONCESSIONS:  http://getti.ps/1Xp0sHY

For casino, gambling hall, race track, or riverboat

Participants can also us the below website for training as well.

(Alternative to the above links)

Participants to please use the below
REFERRAL CODE field when registering: 
236942 (On Premise)
236943 (Off Premise)
236944 (Gaming)
302999 (Concessions)